Eco 102: introduction to Economics ii 
instructors: Selin Sayek Boke and Refet Gurkaynak  

 Syllabus       Homeworks and Readings     Discussion Hours           

Selin Sayek Boke

Office: A 117

Office hours: Tuesday 10:45-12:00  or by appointment

Lectures: Tuesday 8:40-10:30 and Thursday 10:40-12:30, V02


Refet Gurkaynak

Office: MA 222

Office HoursMonday  10:45-12:00pm   or by appointment

Lectures: Monday 8:40-10:30 and Wednesday 10:40-12:30, V02


Textbook: "Economics" by R. Glenn Hubbard and Anthony Patrick OíBrien. Additional Readings will be assigned.

iMPORTANT NOTE: The exams schedules are set as noted in the syllabus. Make sure you arrange your personal schedule around these set exam dates as THERE WiLL BE NO MAKE-UP EXAMS given. Only those with documented medical or other emergencies may make-up a missed exam. Make-up exams and the final exam will be comprehensive.


Course structure: There are four hours of lectures and one hour of discussion.  The four hour lectures will mostly involve introduction of new class material.  This is the part where the course instructors will be doing most of the talking. The one hour lecture (discussion hour) will be class discussions on the Turkish and world economy using the concepts and methods you have learned and will be conducted by your teaching assistant in a small group setting.  You will be doing the talking with the TAís guidance in that hour. The detailed schedule of the discussion hours will be provided and updated weekly on this page, make sure you follow these updates. 


Discussion Leaders:

Section number Discussion Leader E-mail Office Class-time/Class-room
01 Anil Tas A225 Thursday 13:40-15:30, B109
02 Anil Tas A225 Thursday 14:40-15:30, B109
03 Gunes Kolsuz A225 Thursday 13:40-14:30, MAZ03
04 Gunes Kolsuz A225 Thursday 14:40-15:30, MAZ03
05 Gulserim Ozcan A225 Friday 13:40-14:30, B103
06 Gulserim Ozcan MA221 Friday 14:40-15:30, B103
07 Seda Koymen MA221 Friday 13:40-14:30, B104
09 Secil Yildirim MA221 Thursday 15:40-16:30, T162
10 Secil Yildirim MA221 Thursday 16:40-17:30, T162
11 Seda Koymen MA221 Thursday 15:40-16:30, MAZ05
12 Seda Koymen MA221 Thursday 16:40-17:30, MAZ05
13 Erkmen Giray Aslim A225 Friday 10:40-11:30, B103
14 Erkmen Giray Aslim A225 Friday 11:40-12:30, B103
15 Gulserim Ozcan MA221 Friday 10:40-11:30, MAZ03



Your course grade will be a weighted average of homeworks, essays, participation, and exams, with the weights as follows:



                                  Midterm:                                        24%

                                Final Exam:                                 40%

                                Quizzes and Homework: 16% and 10%      

                                Discussion participation:       10%


Please note that participation is distinct from attendance.  Your participation score will be based on the insightful questions you ask, the meaningful answers you provide and your contribution to class discussion in your small group sections.  Attendance to the sections is mandatory, large class attendance is not.

Note on final exams and letter grades: If your final exam grade is 60 or higher, you will get a passing letter grade from this class regardless of your performance earlier in the class (but note the FZ grade information below). Similarly, all final exam grades lower than 40 will lead to an F in the class regardless of grades from other components. Note on exam grading: It is possible to get negative grades from questions. Not answering a question or making reasonable mistakes is fine. Writing nonsense or proudly displaying a lack of understanding of basic definitions (such as defining disinflation as falling prices) is not. These instances will lead to negative grades from those questions. The same also applies to grading in your homeworks and other assignments. FZ grade: Students who have a weighted quiz and midterm average below 25 or have not handed in more than two homeworks (graded or non-graded) will receive the FZ grade.